日本宮燈百合(80cm) 5枝裝/10枝裝


日本宮燈百合(80cm) 5枝裝/10枝裝

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1. 宮燈百合帶有毒性,請勿誤食

2. 建議放在室内,避免陽光直射;保持空氣流通的位置。

1. 請⼩⼼地去除護花紙 , 解開包裝時請避免碰觸花朵以致掉落。
2. 在花瓶中注⼊⾄少15厘⽶⾼的水(建議使用過濾水或蒸餾水),加入一包附送的營養粉,攪拌至溶解

3. 使用花剪將花腳打斜45度剪掉約3厘⽶,將花腳置於水喉下沖洗乾淨,去底部過多過大的葉片,確保葉片不會接觸到水
4. 插入花瓶,其後每隔天清洗花腳及換水(可加入另一包營養粉),換水時可再次剪腳


1. 葵涌工作室自取 Pick Up

Unit 2301, The Galaxy, 313 Castle Peak Road, Kwai Hing

Date & Time:

17/1 (Tue): 11:00-18:00 (13:00-14:00 Lunch)

18/1 (Wed): 11:00-18:00 (13:00-14:00 Lunch)

19/1 (Thur): 11:00-18:00 (13:00-14:00 Lunch)

20/1 (Fri): 11:00-18:00 (13:00-14:00 Lunch)

21/1 (Sat): 11:00-18:00 (13:00-14:00 Lunch)

2. 安排司機送貨 Delivery

Date & Time:
17/1 (Tue): 14:00-19:00

18/1 (Wed): 14:00-19:00

19/1 (Thur): 14:00-19:00

20/1 (Fri): 11:00-19:00

21/1 (Sat): 11:00-19:00

購物滿$1000 一般地區免運費

Our delivery and pick services only available on certain dates and you can choose a preferred period to receive your orders. The delivery fees are as follow:

一般地區(港島,九龍,新界,(村屋地址需到村口或樓下交收)) General Delivery Areas (HK Island, Kowloon, New Territories, (For village house addresses, you need to pick up at main road or Downstairs)):  $100

偏遠地區 (如大尾篤,馬灣,西貢,Islands District )需到村口或樓下交收 Remote Delivery Areas (e.g. Tai Mei Tuk, Ma Wan, Sai Kung, Outlying Islands) Need to pick up at main road or Downstairs: $200

愉景灣 (需到村口或樓下交收) Discovery Bay (Need to pick up at main road or Downstairs): $300

羅湖,米埔,文錦渡,打鼓嶺,離島,其他禁區,因運輸限制未能提供送貨服務 Due to transportation restriction, we do not offer deliveries to Lo Wu, Mai Po, Man Kam To, Outlying Islands and Other Frontier Closed Areas

如送遞時未能聯絡親自交收,我們會將花品放於指定地址門外/管理處。如因地址錯誤,或管理處拒絕我們放下花品或代收的話,花品將會運回我們店舖。客人需於21/01/2023 晚上六點前聯絡我們並重新繳付所有額外運費讓我們安排送貨,否則我們不會另作任何安排或退款。

We will put the floral product outside your address or management office If we cannot contact recipients. The floral product will be delivered back to our shop if the delivery address is not correct or the management office refuses us to leave the floral products outside your address or keep it on your behalf. We will arrange the another delivery if you contact us and settle the additional transport cost before 21/02/2023 6 p.m.. Otherwise we will not make any additional arrangement for your order or refund.

1. 送花期間如未能找到收花者、收花人拒收產品或簽收或所提供之送貨資料有錯誤:

1.1. 如送屋苑住宅,花店同事將轉交該所屋苑住宅管理處轉交收花者或放於指定地址門外;

1.2 如送公司/寫字樓/商店/其他機構,送花同事將交接待處或其他同事轉交收花者; 

1.3 如因地址填寫錯誤,產品將退回本公司。

如未能以上述方法送遞,產品將退回本公司。客戶需在21/01/2023 晚上六點前主動聯絡我們和繳付額外運費成本,並重新選擇送貨或前往我們的工作室自取,否則我們不會另作任何或退款。

2. 我們並不提供特定送花時間,但你可以告訴我們理想的送遞時間,我們會盡力配合。

If we are unable to contact the recipients, the recipients refuse to sign for receipt or the delivery information is incorrect,

1.1 If it is a residential address,  we will pass the flower to the management office for relaying or leave the flower outside the address

1.2 If it is a commercial or office address, we will pass the flower to the reception of other colleagues for relaying

1.3 If the delivery address is incorrect, the flower will be returned to our studio.

The flower will be returned to our studio if delivery is not possible after using the above mentioned alternatives. Customers need to contact us before 21/01/2023 6 p.m. and bare any additional incurred transport cost. 

Otherwise we will not make any additional arrangements for your order or refund. The new delivery or pick up date can only be the day after the original delivery date.

Due to unforeseeable transport situation, we do NOT offer specific delivery time but we will do our best to fit your need if you tell us your desirable delivery time.

1. 每件商品均為手製,再加上每枝植物均為全天然,沒有完全一樣的植物和形態,偶有小瑕疵(如花瓣不完美)皆為正常。顏色,色調和形態會略有不同,展示圖片只供參考性質,讓你購買前了解本店風格及花品大致顏色,一切以實物為準。

Colour tone and pattern shown maybe slightly different from the actual products due to every products are hand-made and natural. 

2. 部分花材本身帶有毒性或會引致敏感問題,如已知對部分花材有敏感問題,請勿購買。另請避免小孩和寵物誤食及接觸。

Some floral materials are poisonous or might trigger allergy to human. Please do not purchase if you are known for being allergic to any floral materials or please keep it out of reach from pets and children

3. 新鮮花材供應受市場供應影響,如遇其中一種花材缺貨,會以另一相同等級或價值更高的花材取代而不作另行通知。

Fresh floral materials are greatly affected by market supply. We will replace any floral materials with same or higher value should any materials is short of supply without making any notice.

4. 我們一向致力確保我們的產品在出貨前處於最佳狀態,但由於新鮮花材生長會受到不同因素 (如氣溫,水質,陽光,養護方法等)而影響,因此所有新年花品問題均不予進行退款或退貨我們一般的退款政策並不適用於所有新年花品。

We always endeavour to deliver your order at its best conditions, but as fresh flower or vegetation could be affected by various factors (e.g temperature, water quality or sunlight etc.), all perishable Chinese New Year products cannot be refunded or returned. Our general Return & Refund Policy is NOT applicable to all Chinese New Year Products.

Whatsapp: +85264186962 / Email:info@mycfloralab.com

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